Daniel Thorp


– Present

University of Ottawa

BASc. Software Engineering (CO-OP)


Engineering Release Team Student

BlackBerry QNX

  • Developed interactive PHP web reports with customer usage and license data for data-driven decision-making.
  • Modularized and refactored existing codebase, improving maintainability, extensibility, and performance.
  • Interpreted EULA, extracting potential license violation reports from 50k+ records with an SQL ETL pipeline.

Software Developer

The Forge VTT

  • Revamped external integration, restructuring data storage format using Node.js scripts for seamless migration.
  • Developed features, addressing issues to enhance the website (Node.js, Express, Vue, MongoDB, Bootstrap) for a large user base.
  • Assisted 250+ users with technical customer support.
  • Executed tasks effectively with flexible remote work in a dynamic small startup environment.

Open Source Software Developer

Freelance Foundry VTT module development

  • Developed 12 packages with 22k+ downloads each, contributing 160+ issues and PRs to over 30 related projects.


– Current

Vice President of External Affairs

IEEE uOttawa Student Branch

– Present


uOttawa Cybersecurity Club & uOttawa Board Game Club

  • Running the clubs' operations, chairing meetings, organizing events, and managing finances.
  • Developed a leaderboard website for a CTF event with 60+ attendees (AWS EC2, Caddy, Docker).
– Present

Development Director

Hack the Hill

  • Overseeing a team of 75 organizers, leading the technical team (20 developers), organized Canada's capital's largest hackathon with a $63k+ budget.
  • Incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, drafted constitution and by-laws, prioritizing legitimacy and compliance.
  • Engineering an event management app (TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL, Tailwind CSS, QR codes, Prisma, tRPC, Zod, NextAuth.js, i18next) which was successfully used with 611 attendees.
  • Maintaining a marketing website (JavaScript, React, Astro, Cloudflare), focusing on performance and accessibility.
  • Implemented open source email infrastructure to send 2.5k+ emails to 1.2k+ registrants.
  • Ran two introduction to web development workshops for 120+ attendees (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js).
– August 2023

Engineering Director

University of Ottawa Students' Union

  • Representing 40k+ students, prioritizing communication, engagement, advocacy, transparency, and accountability.
  • Engaging in democratic process, parliamentary deliberation, interpreting statutory law, drafting policies and reports, and improving oration and interpersonal skills.
  • Strengthening the union's digital presence, modernizing operations for enhanced student outreach.
  • Directing 15 services, 300+ clubs, 60+ employees, and a $5.6M+ budget.

Technical Skills