Daniel Thorp

Software Developer


– Present

University of Ottawa

BASc Software Engineering (CO-OP)

  • IEEE Software Engineering Academic Commissioner, organizing events for Software Engineering students.
  • Cybersecurity club, developing the website (SvelteKit) and organizing educational events.
  • uOttawa Student Union Board of Directors, representing Engineering students.
  • Member Rocketry club, developing the website (JavaScript, Astro, MDX).


– Present

Software Developer

The Forge VTT Inc.

  • Kickstarted refactoring the codebase to TypeScript and overhauling the tooling to use Vite.
  • Overhauled external integration, restructuring data storage format using Node.js scripts for automatic migration.
  • Built various small features and fixed issues for the website (Node.js, Express, Vue, MongoDB, Bootstrap).
  • Assisted 250+ users with technical customer support.
  • Executed tasks effectively with flexible hours working remote in a small startup environment.

Development Director

Hack the Hill

  • Leader of technical team (11 developers), coordinating with 6 other teams, organizing Ottawa's largest hackathon.
  • Engineered a full-stack open source event management app (TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL, Tailwind CSS, QR codes, Prisma, tRPC, Zod, NextAuth.js, i18next) which was successfully used to manage 611 attendees.
  • Maintainer of the website (JavaScript, React, Astro, Cloudflare) with a focus on performance and accessibility.
  • Reduced the Lighthouse speed index of the website from 12.5s to 0.7s and improved the performance score from 85% to 200%, by refactoring it to use Astro for static site generation.
  • Implemented open source email infrastructure and sent 2.5k+ emails to 1.2k+ registrants.
  • Ran introduction to web development workshops for 100+ attendees (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js).

Open Source Software Developer

Freelance Foundry VTT module development

  • Developed over a dozen open source packages with more than 22 thousand downloads.
  • Renowned member of the community with over 160 issues and PRs to over 30 related open source projects.



React, Next.js, Typescript

  • Interactive tower-defence game for teaching cybersecurity concepts to children (uOttaHack 5 hackathon).


React, Node.js, NLP, Prisma, NextAuth.js, tRPC, Socket.IO, Zod, Discord Bot, Slack API, Python, Pandas, NumPy, OCI, Caddy

  • Full stack app deployed on an OCI VPS with an NLP ML model to process messages (ConUHacks VII hackathon).

Module Compatibility Checker

JavaScript, Svelte, Cloudflare Workers, HTML, CSS/Sass, Vite, Google Sheets, Foundry VTT

  • Cached and redirected 2k+ daily requests with a Cloudflare worker to access Google Sheets data.
  • Utilized Svelte to create fully reactive and intuitive data search, filter, and sort functionality, while also presenting the data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.
  • Won first place for Best Package (most votes in 5 categories) in League of Foundry VTT Developer’s Package Jam.

Technical Skills