Daniel Thorp


University of Ottawa

Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Engineering (CO-OP)


Communications Commissioner

University of Ottawa Students' Union

  • Pioneered the role of the first elected Communications Commissioner, establishing strategies for organizational communications and operations.
  • Forged strategic partnerships with the University's communications and IT departments to enhance technological integration and operational efficiency.
  • Directed comprehensive digital strategies for multi-channel communications including social media, website content management, and email marketing, aimed at boosting student engagement and participation.
  • Directed accessibility initiatives, aligning communication platforms with disability standards to ensure inclusiveness and accessibility.
  • Managed high-stakes projects such as the general elections, introducing technological innovations to improve voter accessibility and engagement.
  • Streamlined organizational governance by drafting, refining, and implementing various policy and bylaw amendments.
  • Proposed solutions to improve financial oversight, including initiatives to improve financial literacy and budgetary processes for greater transparency and governance.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance and organizational integrity by overseeing the recovery of access to regulatory filings and improving governance frameworks.

Engineering Release Team Student

Blackberry QNX

  • Developed interactive PHP web reports with customer usage and license data for data-driven decision-making.
  • Modularized and refactored existing codebase, improving maintainability, extensibility, and performance.
  • Interpreted EULA, extracting potential license violation reports from 50k+ records with an SQL ETL pipeline.

Software Developer

The Forge VTT

  • Revamped external integration, restructuring data storage format using Node.js scripts for seamless migration.
  • Developed features, addressing issues to enhance the company's website for a large user base, and assisted 250+ users with technical customer support.
  • Executed tasks effectively and autonomously with flexible remote work in a dynamic small startup environment.


– Present

Incorporator and Director

Hack the Hill

  • Led a team of 75 students in planning and executing the city's largest hackathon, fostering professional growth and technical education.
  • Spearheaded incorporation as a not-for-profit, establishing a robust legal and governance framework to ensure compliance and legitimacy.
  • Oversaw internal operations, finance, and administration, enhancing organizational efficiency and governance adherence.
  • Authored and enforced critical legal documents, by-laws, contracts, and policies to protect organizational integrity and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Led the development of the website, internal tooling, and infrastructure, including a comprehensive full-stack event management system application to streamline event logistics and enhance user experience.

Executive Committee

IEEE uOttawa Student Branch

  • Represented and advocated for Software, Computer, and Electrical Engineering students.
  • Coordinated communications and marketing efforts, promoting events and initiatives across multiple platforms.
  • Led key governance and advocacy initiatives, playing a critical role in constitutional amendments and policy development.

Engineering Director

University of Ottawa Students' Union

  • Elected by engineering students to represent 40k undergraduate students as an active member of the union's Board of Directors.
  • Advocated for increased transparency, accountability, and student engagement, working to ensure that the Union operated in the best interests of the student body.
  • Oversaw a $17 million budget, aligning financial resources with the mission and objectives.
  • Contributed significantly to policy development and decision-making, actively participating in parliamentary deliberations and chairing meetings.

Technical Skills