Daniel Thorp

Software Developer


– Present

University of Ottawa

BASc Software Engineering (CO-OP)


Engineering Release Intern

BlackBerry Limited

    Software Developer

    The Forge VTT Inc.

    • Overhauled external integration, restructuring data storage format using Node.js scripts for automatic migration.
    • Kickstarted refactoring the codebase to TypeScript and overhauling the tooling to use Vite.
    • Built various small features and fixed issues for the website (Node.js, Express, Vue, MongoDB, Bootstrap).
    • Assisted 250+ users with technical customer support.
    • Executed tasks effectively with flexible hours working remote in a small startup environment.

    Open Source Software Developer

    Freelance Foundry VTT module development

    • Developed 12 open source packages with 22k+ downloads.
    • Contributed 160+ issues and PRs to over 30 related open source projects.


    – Current

    Vice President of External Affairs

    IEEE uOttawa Student Branch

    – Current

    Engineering Director

    University of Ottawa Students' Union

    • Representing 9.5k+ engineering students on the 2nd highest governing body of the union, the Board of Directors.
    • Advocating for increased transparency, accountability, and student engagement.
    • Overseeing the executive committee and the union's $17m+ budget.
    – Present

    Vice President Web

    uOttawa Game Dev Club

    • Responsible for the development and upkeep of the club's website.
    – Present


    uOttawa Cybersecurity Club

    Software Engineering Academic Commissioner

    IEEE uOttawa Student Branch

    • Organized events for Software Engineering students to learn, network, and have fun.
    – Present

    Development Director

    Hack the Hill

    • Overseeing a team of 60 organizers, leading the technical team (12 developers), organized Canada's capital's largest hackathon with a $60k+ budget.
    • Engineering an event management app (TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL, Tailwind CSS, QR codes, Prisma, tRPC, Zod, NextAuth.js, i18next) which was successfully used with 611 attendees.
    • Maintaining a marketing website (JavaScript, React, Astro, Cloudflare), focusing on performance and accessibility.
    • Implemented open source email infrastructure to send 2.5k+ emails to 1.2k+ registrants.
    • Ran two introduction to web development workshops for 120+ attendees (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js).

    Technical Skills